Responsive website for a flower ordering process

Project overview

The problem

Users want to easily order flowers for different occasions.

The goal

Design a responsive website that let the user choose easily from different options to order flowers for their special event.

My role

UX designer designing a responsive website for a flower-ordering process.


Conducting user research, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, responsive design, conducting usabilty studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterate on designs.

Understanding the user

User Research

A primary user group identified through research was people who need flowers which fit various occasions and can be ordered quick and easy. Another primary user group are people who want to present others with flowers.

User pain points

Mobile option

A mobile version of the website is needed.


Too many flowers to choose from, there are no good filter options.

Starting the design (using Adobe Xd)

Paper wireframes

This time I only made one screen as quick scribble and continued already to the digital wireframes as this is more comfortable for me.

Digital wireframes

Confusing icons

The usabilty studies revealed that some users aren't sure what the icons in the drop-down menu mean.


Furthermore the usabilty studies revealed that users wanted the design to more consistent.

Final mockups

High-fidelity prototype

Accessibility considerations

Icons were used to make mobile navigation easier.

Images for the products were used to help better understand the design.

A screenreader option will be available.



This website helps users find the right flowers for their needs and order them right away.

What I learned

When working on a responsive website you need to think of the different screen sizes and how to adapt the design that it is still consistent. This was quite difficult sometimes.